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"Experience a Higher Occupancy Rate"- Joe Cavaleri

With over 7 years of Property Management Experience Direct Express Rentals Brings a high level of Knowledge and understand of today's Rental Market. We have managed properties all over the country from Florida, including a 60 Units Apartment Building in Middletown, OH.

“You can buy any good deal or Steal any Investment property but the only way you will ever realize the profit is by proper property management.” - Joe Cavaleri

That's exactly what Direct Express Rentals Provides is the professional Non-Emotional business side to Property Management. With a Finance Background we are able to qualify a new Tenant almost as if they were qualifying for a mortgage Which our Landlords experience a higher occupancy rate because we qualify more dependable/reliable Tenants.

You are going to hear all different kinds of excuses from kids, to medical issues, to car problems… We will try to work with the tenants but we never go past a certain date! At Direct Express Rentals it is simple, You Pay You Stay, You Don't You Won't!

We do the following for you:

  • Pre-Qualify the Tenants
  • Provide the tenant's with a Move In/Move Out Checklist
  • Collects Rents
  • Oversee the eviction process if necessary
  • Implemented a few unique strategies to get people to pay and/or move out faster saving you money and time.
  • We have an iron clad 14 page lease that protects the property owner and informs the tenants of all the cans and CAN’TS!

Direct Express Rentals will increase your monthly Cash Flow. Call today 727-827-2884!

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