Our Home Mortgage Lenders in Tampa and St. Petersburg

"Direct Express Mortgage will Provide the Lowest Interest Rate"
Bank Of America
SunTrust Mortgage
Equal Housing Lender

Above are a few of the major mortgage lenders that we use in order to find the Lowest Interest Rates and Best Terms. When Banks Compete for your Business, YOU WIN!

We have access to hundreds of millions of major home mortgage lenders. In many cases, our interest rates are lower than going directly to these lenders for the following reasons:

Reason #1: Having worked as a loan officer for a major lending institution, our principal owner and chief lending officer was able to see the inner workings of these Tampa home mortgage lending institutions.

Simply put, they are unable to compete with our company because the loan officers you are dealing with at the bank work for 100% commission. We also working off 100% commission, but our loan officers keep 100% of what they make, vs. a bank’s loan officer, who only gets to keep a maximum of 50-65% commission.

So What Does This Mean to You?

If the bank’s loan officer has to charge you double of what we would charge you, just to make the same amount of commission, it results in a higher interest rate for you. At Direct Express Mortgage, we give you the best, most competitive interest rate available in today’s market. We will beat anyone’s rates.

Reason #2: We do our business based on volume, resulting in referrals of your friends and family.

Once you get the` best loan from us with the lowest interest rate, no pre-payment penalty, and often times, no points, then you will want to tell your friends and family. Make sure they mention your name when coming to Direct Express Mortgage so we can send you a Gift Card as our way of saying thank you for the referral.

Reason #3: VIP Customer Service

To a bank, you are just a loan number. To Direct Express Mortgage, you are a PERSON! We treat our clients like gold, which is why they continue coming back to us, as well as referring their loved ones.

At banks, once the loan officer takes the application, it’s handed off to a processor who handles everything from there. You rarely ever see or speak to your loan officer at the bank again!

At Direct Express Mortgage, we believe in cultivating and fostering relationships with our clients, while educating them along the way. Buying or refinancing a home is often the largest investment a person makes in his or her lifetime. Such an important investment needs to be handled with experience in the field, not a paid-by-the-hour processor.

Our loan officers return calls promptly, follow-up daily on your file, and work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a smooth and timely closing. Let us help grant you the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.

Mortgage Rate Sheet: What Affects Your Interest Rate?

A rate sheet is what all loan officers have access to on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis. Mortgage lenders’ rates change several times a day, going up and down. The rate sheet is used to calculate the interest rate that a loan officer can offer you.

Many different things affect your mortgage interest rate such as:

  • Credit Score
  • Loan to Value
  • Cash-out
  • Rate and Term
  • Owner-Occupied (the Home you Live in) vs. a Second Home or Investment Property
  • Refinance vs. Purchasing a Home
  • FHA vs. Conventional Loans
  • And of course, How Much Does the Loan Officer Want to Make?
  • Single Family Residence, Townhouse, or Condo

After completing a 5-10 minute phone call with our highly-trained loan officers, we will be able to determine the Lowest Interest Rate Possible.

Direct Express Mortgage will provide the lowest interest rate possible because we do our business based on volume. We want you to refer your friends and family throughout St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area because – it allows us to offer our services at the lowest possible rates.

Ready to get started on a financial solution for your family? Give us a call today at (727) 827-2884 to speak to one of our loan officers for the lowest interest rate possible..

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