Joe Cavaleri's Bio

Joe Cavaleri

It all started for me at Lakeland General Hospital where I was born 2 months premature couldn't wait to get out of the stomach. My childhood was a lot of fun, my mother Sharon Cavaleri (Who won 4 United States Dance Titles and works with me), owned a dance studio and there are picture of me crawling after my mom on the Dance floor as she taught people how to dance. (Love You MOM) She always gave me every chance to succeed. My mother sent me to a Catholic School St. Paul's from K-8 where I excelled at many sports and was an asset to any team I was on but always minding the Nuns! (Sister Joan and Sister Kathleen;)

After 8th Grade my mom bought her 1st house that was zoned to attend Northeast High School just so I could play for the BEST football team in the Tampa Bay Area. Go VIKINGS!! When I say BEST I mean BEST, never lost a regular season game 40-0. Made it to the playoffs every year just couldn't figure out how to beat St. Thomas Aquinas. I won every award for the BEST Punter/Kicker in the Tampa Bay Area and ALL-STATE honorable mention, when you're in my office you will see them on the walls.

I went to play College Football at Ferrum College in Virginia. Go PANTHERS!!! This was an amazing experience for me…. A great story: I went from the best punter/kicker in the surrounding 100 miles to 1 of 8 punter/kickers when football training camp started that were trying out for the position. The Head Coach, Coach Davis started the season with me as the backup punter/kicker. Our team had a huge problem we missed our 1st 13 Field Goals and used 5 kickers doing so. I thought surely it's my turn next the moment I've been waiting for, my chance to show them my unique set of skills. But a day before the game he tells me that I'm not going to be the kicker this game. So I took off my jersey and handed it to Coach Davis and quit the team. Later that night in my dorm room I get a phone call… It's Coach Davis, get your ass in my office NOW, click! I went to his office and he told me that I was going to be the STARTING KICKER this week…. I kicked the Game Winner the very 1st game I played in with 15 seconds left on the clock, then my Mom and Grandma were coming to the next game and kicked the Game Winner in Back to Back games with 7 seconds left on the clock. I received AFAC Offensive Player of the Week. Then the last game of the season I scored all 9 points with a 38 Yard Field Goal with 3 seconds on the clock to beat a team that we had never beat 9-7. I then received Rookie of the Year.

I was on cloud 9 when I ended up hurting my hip and back in a high speed Jet Ski Accident.. Thank God for life vests, however it did end my kicking career. Well they say that everything happens for a reason and my injury began to heal and my best friend Chris Eastman's mother Joan started a Real Estate Company called JAG Realty and offered all of us 20 year old to pay for our license up front but we would have to pay her back out of our 1st closing.

My Real Estate Career started August 2001 when I started working for JAG Realty… The very 1st weekend I went door knocking or as Realtors like to call it FSBO hunting…. On Sunday of that very 1st weekend I secured an appointment for my very 1st listing.

I was doing Real Estate Part Time while I was working Full Time for T-Mobile selling cell phone where I was the #1 sale person for 2 out of the 3 months I was working there.

My fortune in this business has been Trainers/Mentors… I have been blessed to have the BEST trainers and mentors in the Business… On January 7th, 2002 I got a big break with my 1st Mentor… She was the #1 Real Estate agent in the State of Florida for Century 21 for 3 years in a row earlier in her Career…. Then later bought and opened the 1st RE/MAX in Pinellas County, when no one had even heard of RE/MAX… She offered me a job at RE/MAX selling Real Estate. She gave me a draw on my commission of $2,000.00 a month to get me started. Well 2 months have gone by and I had not sold anything then finally on 2/28/2002 it finally happened, I wrote and got my 1st offer accepted, that was like waking up a sleeping giant…. I fell in love with Real Estate that very moment…

I then signed up for Floyd Wickman's Sweat Hogs Real Estate sales training… Now if you're a fellow Sweat Hog graduate then you know that this course is NO JOKE… This is a 10 week $2,000.00 investment into yourself or your business and you have to set 3 listing appointments per week… Have at least 5 properties under contract and 5 listings by then end of the course and if you didn't you wouldn't graduate. This was one of the BEST courses around… In a matter of 4 months I went from a rookie in the business to one of the top 40 Realtors in Pinellas County. Keep in mind that at this point in time there was over 6,000 Realtors in Pinellas County. I maintained a top 40 Realtor Ranking for the next 2 years and bought my 1st house at the age of 22 years old.

Then toward the end of 2003 I met a multi-millionaire Real Estate Investor from CA who used me to purchase about 30 apartment buildings in Pinellas County. I took the Investment principals that I learned from this Investor and used them myself and it worked!!! At the age of 24 I bought my 1st apartment building in South St. Petersburg, FL… This apartment building had 7 (seven) 1 bedroom 1 bath units…. It was purple and yellow 2 units were completely destroyed. I bought this building for $134,000.00 with the seller paying all my closing costs with NO money down and $30,000.00 for repairs… I got a hard money loan at 12% Interest and still make $1,100.00 a month in CASH FLOW after paying my mortgage, taxes, Insurance, water, trash, and sewer. I rehabbed the property and collected rents, so in a way I have been Buying and Fixing up property for Profit my whole career.

I was then offered a job out in CA working for the Real Estate Investor as her Vice President of her Investment Company. I moved to CA in Sept 2008… This was a chance of a Life Time and I was not going to let it pass me by. So I put my 7 unit apartment building up for sale and sold it for $210,000.00….

California was an amazing experience for me…. You couldn't buy the education that I was taught while living in California. I ran a Real Estate Investment Company traveling to 35 different cities in 2005 doing property research for our investors, managing property managers from all across the country, overseeing Real Estate Purchase Transactions with our Investors from CA, Managing the Loan Pipeline, and doing trade shows… Needless to say I was Busy!

In 2006 I resigned from that company and because I got another Job offer… I had always loved Math because to me math Never Lied…. 1 + 1 is always 2 not 1 ¾ or 4, always 2. I started my Loan career and just took off running! I quickly went to the #1 Sales person in the company within 6 months of closing my 1st loan…. They were so impressed that they allowed me to open my own Branch of their company and hire Loan Officers and I did… So I hired 2 brand new loan officers that had next closed a loan in their lives and they became the #2 and #5 Loan Officers in the whole company under my training.

My branch with 3 Loan Officers including myself, was closing 27 Million a month. I trained them to do business based on volume…. I built a book of business so big, that still to this date I get Referrals from clients in California to do their loans.

On July 2008 I moved back to my home town in St. Petersburg, FL. After studying the Real Estate market and the amount of Short Sales and Forecloses that were happening I bought a list of homes that had just gone into foreclosure and drove by 100 homes and to my surprise about 90% of homes were vacant. The owners had moved out instead of doing a short sale or try to get their loan modified which was a huge mistake because not only did they get a foreclosure that will take 4 years to recover from but they could have lived in the house payment free for the next 18-24 months because of how long it takes to foreclose on a home in the State of Florida.. So I knew instantly that the banks were going to own a lot of property and due to the length of the Foreclosure Process the properties were going to deteriorate due to weather and no Maintenance from the owner…

So in 2009 I went to a group of 3 Investors and we raised $155,000.00 and CDNOP, LLC Community Development Network of Pinellas was born. The Sole purpose of this company was to Buy, Rehab, and Sell for a Profit in our back yard here in Pinellas County, well actually from Ulmerton South.


  • Graduated St. Paul's Catholic School St. Petersburg, FL 1995
  • Graduated Northeast High School St. Petersburg, FL 1999
  • Attended Ferrum College Ferrum, VA 1999-2001
  • Florida Real Estate Salesperson License 72 Hour 11/2001 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • Floyd Wickman "Sweathogs" Master Real Estate Salesperson Training 10 Week Course 4/2002 (Floyd Wickman Courses)
  • Florida Real Estate Salesperson 45 Hour Continuing Education 6/2003 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • Florida Real Estate Brokers License 72 Hour 4/2004 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • California Real Estate Salesperson License 72 Hour 1/2005 (Allied Real Estate School)
  • Florida Real Estate Brokers 60 Hour Continuing Education 6/2006 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • Florida Mortgage Brokers License 24 Hour 2/2007 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • California Real Estate Salesperson 45 Hour Continuing Education 6/2007 (Allied Real Estate School)
  • Florida Real Estate Brokers 14 Hour Continuing Education 7/2008 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • Florida Mortgage Brokers 14 Hour Continuing Education 9/2009 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • California Real Estate Salesperson 14 Hour Continuing Education 10/2009 (Allied Real Estate School)
  • Florida Real Estate Brokers 14 Hour Continuing Education 7/2010 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)
  • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) 9/2011
  • Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource SFR 8 Hour Course 10/2011 (Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO Board))
  • Florida Real Estate Brokers 14 Hour Continuing Education 7/2012 (Bob Hogue School of Real Estate)

Investment/Financial Experience:

  • Experience in Real Estate Financing
  • Experience in Real Estate Sales
  • Experience in Real Estate Investments
  • Experience in Buying, Rehabbing, and Selling Properties for a Profit
  • Owned multiple Investment Properties
  • Experience in Property Management (Currently manage 73 Units)
  • Managed multiple LLC's
  • Have changed many Clients financial future and picture
  • Loan Modifications
  • Asset reallocation
  • Construction Project Management

Sharon Cavaleri's Bio

Sharon Cavaleri

Being a third generation Saint Petersburg native I always enjoyed the privilege of being a part of a very large family. Our Brett-Cavaleri Family has roots that have covered St. Pete/Clearwater Airport, Gandy Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach, Madeira Beach, and Treasure Island, Pass-a-Grill, Lakewood and the Saint Petersburg downtown area.

I feel honored to have raised a son who attended Saint Paul's Catholic School; and even more proud to announce that he has succeeded in the Mortgage and Property Investments over the past 10 years. My son, Joe Cavaleri is the successful CEO/Broker Direct Express Realty & Mortgage.

With decades of corporate experience it has taught me the disciplines that are necessary for a successful career in Real Estate.

In my free time I enjoy ballroom dancing, boating, reading, cooking and family outings; as well as time with my dear friends.

I am never too busy for a referral or first home buyer. My office phone is 727 827 2884 or by cell 727 504 6443. At this time we have several bank owned, short sales and foreclosures.

- Sharon Cavaleri

Mary Blinkhorn's Bio

Mary Blinkhorn

My name is Mary Blinkhorn, I am 20 years old and I am currently enrolled at St. Petersburg College. I am a Florida native and I currently reside in Gulfport. I am very close to my friends and family and enjoy doing things such as going to the beach, reading, taking pictures, and going to the Tampa Bay Rays games (“GO RAYS!!”) I assist this company with a positive happy attitude, enjoy what I’m doing and give my 110% as Joe Cavaleri’s assistant doing things such as helping individuals earn 12% on their Real Estate investments, help with closing of real estate properties, getting tenants situated in their new home and staying on top of big projects, and managing files in the office, just to say the least. I love to help and put my all into Direct Express Realty and making sure Direct Express Realty expands to the credible business it deserves to be! Hopefully we can meet and I can help you with all of your real estate investment needs!

Joshua Beehler's Bio

Joshua Beehler

Hey there everybody,

My name is Josh, Graphic Designer for Direct Express Realty. I have worked on quite a few large scale projects for Direct Express such as the Branding, Websites, Billboards, Park Benches, Television Commercials, and Live Seminar Events.

I graduated from Full Sail University for Graphic Design and Digital Media. Afterwards, I Lived in Korea where I taught art and designed textbooks for kids to learn English. When I returned to America I created a few video games for the iPhone. Currently I am working on my writing the third book in my comic book series, and designing two new games.

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